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Mistral Turn Albatross 320

If you're a complete novice, or needing a board for the family, or perhaps a Windsurfing School owner, the Albatross 320 is the perfect board. Fast to set up, fun in light to moderate winds, up-haul friendly, this super stable platform will keep you smiling during the learning phases. A fully retracting daggerboard, allows you to sail on all points of sailing and benefits in having a super soft top decking that makes for low impact use and super secure grip under-foot. Nose and tail handles add just that bit extra ease of use when launching or controlling when on the beach and a super strong Tuttle box provides super strength in critical areas of the fin.

Our newest offering of old school styled, retro windsurfing boards, take the very best from the original ideas of windsurfing and put them into a superbly easy, fun to use design. The earliest days of windsurfing, promoted ease of entry, fast set up, fun in light to moderate winds, up-haul friendly, stable platforms upon which to play. This has been our aim. Combine this with a super light, easy to set up and take down and stow rig - and you've all the very best elements of the sport in a neat package as the sport was first intended! 

Choose between the Freebird 350m board or the Albatross 320m - either will make for an ideal companion to get the family up and sailing quickly. For that bit of extra speed and challenge, go with the Freebird, which has a slightly leaner and longer profile closer to our original Mistral Competition board or for added stability and nimble control, the Albatross makes for the ideal first time learning board for all comers and sure to be a favourite with schools.


  • Spesifikasjoner:

    • Albatros 320
    • Length: 320
    • Dimensions: 10.6x31.7x55
    • Volume: 219 Liter 
    • Weight: 16.5KG 
    • Footstraps
    • Tuttlebox including Fin 
    • Daggerboard
kr 13 290,00Pris